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V12 Cloud Computing and Computer Virtualization

Cloud Computing and Virtualization

The best cloud computing and virtualization technologies, when implemented, provide for a seamless transition away from waste in areas of time management, time down, frequency of hardware renewal/repair, energy consumption, and large physical space that current environments occupy. It is these areas that are under constant scrutiny and endless modification to meet never-ending environmental laws and regulations. Most small business and enterprise IT environments are using some sort of virtualization today, but there are so many branches to virtualization and IT managers/directors are so occupied with just keeping things running that they don't have time to investigate all of the areas that virtualization can reach. Cloud computing and virtualization can assist any business, small or large, offers solid solutions, both immediate and in the future, in nearly every area including:

  • Better time management through simpler operations. Server consolidation and smaller footprint. Reduced IT staffing and associated costs.

  • Faster disaster recovery. Consistent software deployment across all workstations.

  • Extention/elimination of the hardware replacement cycle. Faster uptime for new and/or temporary employees.

  • Complete elimination of viruses, spyware, malware, adware, etc., and well as elimination of the costs of protection.

  • Reduced power consumption Infinite and instant data storage scalability. Improved system reliability.

  • Improved system reliability.

And much more, depending on the business and enterprise.

Virtualization gets you ahead of the game. It not only slashes costs and enhances the IT infrastructure but also contributes to an organization's social responsibility by unplugging servers and reducing the demand for electricity.

Pricing for our Computer Virtualization and Cloud Computing products depends upon the number of users and the size of your organization. Small businesses with from 1 - 10 users can utilize our service starting at $170 per user per month. Enterprise customers with from 50 -100 users can utilize our service starting at $150 per user per month.

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